Happy 65th Day Yamaha! Exhilarating your hearts towards a new tomorrow! After …

Happy 65th Day Yamaha!

Exhilarating your hearts towards a new tomorrow!

After a stellar celebration in 2019, Yamaha takes a step back in recognition of its heritage that has been shared to the world for decades. The 65th edition of this annual milestone is celebrated differently but its importance has never changed.

Yamaha Motor Company was established in July 1,1955 headlined by its flagship motorcycle the YA1 was lauded due to Its signature novel color scheme, design combined with lightweight and easy maneuverability, and good start-up performance.It wouldn’t take long for them to enter the racing scene and becoming a banner of excellence that continues to this day. The constant transformation of the company in every era allowed it to reach every kind of customer everywhere; connecting with them to this day.

Now, when the world has seemingly come to a halt, the brand continues to keep every individual moving forward. With this new change that is experienced by all it has substituted grand ceremonies for intimate appreciation. Recognizing every innovation since the 50’swhosedelicate details remain in the character of products that are enjoyed today.

The Philosophy of “Kando” to enrich lives is exemplified by continuing to provide excellent service and passionate dedication to each customer. Moving forward by appreciating its heritage.To reinvent, rediscover, and redefine the way one can move.

This is how Yamaha celebrates. By exhilarating hearts towards a new tomorrow.


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