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  1. Quiet Earp

    Excellent stuff and exactly the review i was waiting for since i ordered a black Ford Ranger Raptor and never had the chance to see one on and off road. Neither live nor in a video. thumbs up!

  2. Quiet Earp

    I got my Raptor today and even if i watched like 100 Raptor Videos i was just stunned. This car looks so big, so massive, so good. But its still very easy to drive, my wife and i found it particulary easy going right from the start. And, black is the colour to go. We had our doubts but since we saw a blue one and one in grey today we have no doubts anymore that we made the right choice.!

  3. Ray Junsay

    I love to drive it everyday even I was only told (by wifey) to buy a bottle of soy sauce, at a nearby sari-sari store, I quickly mount my black Raptor and drive away. How cool is that!