Garry Caneda Jr – The Racing Line Rider / Mechanic Feature

by adminpublished on April 22, 2020

This week on The Racing Line Rider / Mechanic Feature – Garry Caneda Jr. of Cebu City. He belongs to a generation of mechanics, started at a very young age, an international rider, a Super Series Champion.

The Racing Line Rider / Mechanic Feature is presented to you by Shell Advance “Sulong Pinoy Rider”
As part of our 15th Year Anniversary this year 2020, we share to you the different race car drivers and motorcycle riders / racers and mechanics, because of their passion for racing, driving and riding, they were able to achieve their dreams and able to continue to be of service to others.

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  1. Francis jayr Otadora

    Ok kaayo…

  2. vhulukz jimenez

    boss asa dapit inyo shop?

  3. Ponte Aligato

    Idol kaayo ni nako, very humble 🙂

  4. The Punisher

    Classmate Boss JR.