Cebu Crypton Riders United – The Racing Line Club Feature

by adminpublished on April 24, 2020

The Racing Line Club Feature Friday, we take you back to Cebu City for another unique motorcycle club, because of their passion and love for this amazing motorcycle, they created this group. This is the Cebu Crypton Riders United.

The Racing Line Club Feature is part of our 15th Year Anniversary Celebration, we share to you the different clubs, groups and organization who were created because of their passion for motoring.
The Racing Line Club Feature is presented to you by Shell Advance
“Sulong Pinoy Rider”

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  1. Cladys Jun Castro

    CCRU mag ingay

  2. Michael Getaruelas

    Pwde pa maka sali???

  3. Arly Divinagracia

    Gusto unta nako mo sali sa CCRU crypton lover ko kaso taga Mindanao ko sayang ga customize crypton 10 years ago na gasali kog drag race crypton lng ang gamit kaluoy pud sa ginuo mudaug pud baya hangtud karon crypton japon akong gamit.

  4. Zoe Miracle Caranza

    Kinsay naay baligya cowling sa crypton?

  5. kitty lovely 😙

    Legendary crypton riders..

  6. raffy dano

    Boss crypthon rider din po ako

  7. Choy Choy

    May crypton r ako mga lods. Dami oang kulang,mahal kc ng pisa

  8. mark klent Tv

    Gd. Nun. Sa enyo. Boss baka. Pwd. Sumali. Sa gurpo. Nenyo. Boss

  9. Amistad Marbin


  10. Amistad Marbin

    poydi ko kaapil ana sir

  11. Gerald Matacot

    May around bataan po ba kau nag bbenta crypton r