March 12, 2022 10:45 p.m. IRGPXIV Race Day Cancellation To: All IRGPXIV Partici…

March 12, 2022
10:45 p.m.

IRGPXIV Race Day Cancellation
To: All IRGPXIV Participants/Team Managers/Race Fans

Measures were taken by IRGP during event planning to increase seat capacity and expand vendor areas to avoid overcrowding in light of the current pandemic protocols and the expected high number of participants and high number of visitors, as well as to create a barrier to help abate the existing noise problem. The plan was discussed with the venue manager who decided in favor of IRGP.

Unfortunately, the plan was not communicated and approved with the track owner and the measures violated venue rules that risked damage to the racetrack’s surface and premises. More so, the venue felt offended.

Also, the extra track advertisements put up by IRGP every year to promote the events sponsors were questioned by upper management.

Because of these reasons, the venue, which has been the home of IRGP for 12 years, has directed us to cease the running of the event effective Saturday.
We immediately made a plea, apologized and respectfully asked for reconsideration directly to the venue owner and committed to pay for any damages that may incur after IRGPXIV. Discussions and negotiations with the venue’s key officers were made by IRGP’s Al Camba and USRA President Duds Lumague within hours of the advice, hoping to seek a solution to spare everybody of the unimaginable damage this will cause to the racing industry and community. Unfortunately, the efforts were not successful. Due to this sudden and firm decision by the venue, we have no choice but to cancel the last day of IRGPXIV.

The IR Family deeply apologizes to all the fans, sponsors, partners, teams, riders, mechanics, to USRA, the marshals, officials and to the industry and community that will be affected by this shocking development.

We thank you all for your time, passion and commitment to the sport and we are deeply sorry for the great disappointment and inconvenience that today’s abrupt end to our beloved IRGP will cause you.

Rest assured that the teams and riders’ achievement in IRGPXIV QTT today will remain and we shall announce the event’s conclusion very soon.

Our One Great Race will remain.

Respectfully yours,
Al Camba
IRGP Chairman

CC: IRGP Officials/USRA/Team Managers/CRT Bulletin Board


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