The Race to Eden – Ford Everest vs Harley-Davidson

by adminpublished on August 26, 2019

The Race to Eden!
Ford Everest vs the Harley-Davidsons
Episode 22 of The Racing Line On the Road

The trio went to Eden Nature’s Park, Jong Uy Onboard Ford Everest Titamium while Rj and Neil on board the Harley-Davidsons. Who will get there first? Find it out.

Disclaimer: All sequences of the show are in accordance and are observing the rules and laws, and adhering to the traffic and road regulations of the city/municipality/province where the sequences are filmed. The actors and crew strictly observe utmost safety in shooting this show. Camera tricks were used in some scenes.

We would like to Thank our Partners – On the Road Davao.

Shell Advance
KTM Philippines
Ford Davao
Autohub Group
Harley-Davidson Davao
Harley-Davidson Cebu
Forged Philippines
Cerveza Moto

Thank You also:
Autostrada Motore Inc.,
Formula Sports Inc.,
Philippine National Bank

Thank You to our camera crew and editors
Ron Ormido
Francis Joseff Lahora IV
Gelan Morales


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