Mt. LOAY Feeding Program | SHELL ADVANCE MOTO CLUB on a Mission

by adminpublished on November 10, 2021

On our Shell Advance Motorcycle Club on a Mission, we head Mt. Loay as the Davao Mountaineering alliance organized a feeding program to Mt. Loay and constructed a comfort room for the Barangay.

Shell Advance Moto Club on a Mission is presented & in-partnership with
YAMAHA Motor Philippines

Here at the Shell Advance Motorcycle club on the Mission, we share to you the different clubs around the country who in their own very little way makes it big by helping their community through charity rides, food and medicine distribution and many more.

Their Individual Motorcycles progress from being a simple means of transportation to become a vital part of ensuring that support to our fellow men thru charity continues to be a reality.

Thanks to our Producer
Brian Alterado
Glenn Amoy

Thanks to:
Davao Mountaineering Alliance
Ride and Hike Group

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