PHILMOEC Charity Riders getting their Bike ready for the Long Ride with Shell Advance

by adminpublished on September 1, 2021

On our Shell Advance Motorcycle Club on a Mission, we head to Sta. Cruz Davao del Sur
PHILMOEC Riders getting their bike ready for the long charity ride using Shell Advance Long Ride Fully Synthetic Motor Oil.

Shell Advance Moto Club on a Mission is presented & in-partnership with

Each ride has its own style of motorcycling. Get the engine power, drive long distances, or test every drop of fuel you’re after, there’s A Shell Advance motorcycle engine oil for you.
Introducing, the new Shell Advance fully synthetic motorcycle oils – Shell Advance Power, Shell Advance Long Ride, and Shell Advance Fuel Save. Expertly formulated with Pureplus technology, Active Cleansing technology, and superior additives, to win your every trip.

The benefits of this oil to the riders
It Extends oil life due to a strong molecular bond that lowers volatility using Shell PurePlus Technology. Ensures the performance of your engine for up to 6,000km.

What will every rider get?
It Ensures balance of motor oil levels, for more effective lubrication and less frequent oil top-up due to engine heat up on longer rides, Makes sure your engine will not have any problems on any trip, Shell Advance Long Ride gives you that Oil volatility with Robust formulation

Here at the Shell Advance Motorcycle club on the Mission, we share with you the different clubs around the country who in their own very little way make it big by helping their community through charity rides, food, and medicine distribution, and many more.

Their Individual Motorcycles progress from being a simple means of transportation to become a vital part of ensuring that support to our fellow men thru charity continues to be a reality.

Thanks to our Producer
Brian Alterado
Glenn Amoy

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