4S1M EVO Yamaha Racing Team Launched | TRL FAST CORNER

by adminpublished on March 18, 2023

The Racing Line Features The Fast Corner – 4S1M In partnership with Yamaha launched for the 2023 FIM Asian Road Racing Championship series.

4S1M, the only Filipino-Owned Team to Race in the 2023 ARRC headed by team principal Mark Clinton Tan, who believed that passion and determination will not only set them to race further internationally but help them showcase more Filipino talents moving forward.
Ready for a huge comeback of the unbreakable duo – John Emerson “The Hitman” Inguito and Gupita Kresna, as they stroke the ARRC racetrack. This tandem of a locally renowned underbone king and an internationally acclaimed underbone wonder is the best formula to claim the championship title. Over the years, JE Inguito and Gupita Kresna have formed a brotherly bond for speed and racing which makes them unstoppably represent 4S1M Racing Team!

With all this set up, 4S1M EVO Yamaha Racing Team is set to race further this March 22-24 at Chang International Circuit, Thailand
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