YAMAHA WENT TOTALY RAD! Yamaha Media Night and Launching of the Yamaha Mio Grav…

Yamaha Media Night and Launching of the Yamaha Mio Gravis!

Yamaha made it happen. Inviting all the media nationwide to the culture that never ages, Yamaha prepared four challenges in which they freed their alter ego they wanted to be but hesitant to do so.

First in the challenges is the OFF-THE-RACK that channeled their inner-fashionistas in styling their team members with the trendy clothes and poppin’ colors.

Onto the next station – the EXTREME EXPOSURE where media guests blow up their creativity in photography, posing for the laying 10 by 30 feet backdrop and capturing from above made the photo out of the ordinary.

Third challenge is called DYNAMIC MOVE which tested their physique and burned some calories. For the last station – AD LIB, media guests flaunt their imaginations in creating a story about GRAVIS.

The launching of Mio Gravis was a surprise for everyone, they soon realize the reason why Yamaha made everything – from the event title: STAY TOTALLY RAD! up to the set up – pop and active.

The full effort is what Mio Gravis is all about, its matte color variations (Matte Red, Matte Green, and Matte Black) and comfort design speaks for the people who value practicality and want to start their AT adventure but is intimidated to try as most of the market are youth.

Yamaha MIO Gravis features the SMART FRONT REFUEL for your easily gas up, ELECTRIC POWER SOCKET that enables your gadgets to recharge on the go, 25L COMPARTMENT for wider storage that even your full-face helmet fits! Also, it’s installed with LED Headlight for an efficient lighting system whenever you’re on the road. And since Gravis has the Mio DNA, it is equipped with a BLUE CORE technology maximizing the engine power of your daily ride while having less gas consumption.

The explication behind the name GRAVIS came from the word GRAVITTY, a force by which a weight of an object draws towards the center. This relates to the fuel tank installed under the footboard that contributes to the unfluctuating engineered of the motorcycle. The totality of gravis’ design and technology makes you invincible yet versatile because it enables you to do a lot of activities coming from the practical features.

Yamaha sent a statement that Mio is never about your age, status, or whether your trendy and pop. With Mio, confining your imaginations is never an issue, it is what you do to make it real and in Mio Gravis, there is no limit in becoming whoever you want to be.
The Yamaha Mio Gravis is available in YZone, in all RevZones, 3S Shops, and multi-brand store nationwide with an SRP of 85,900.


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