Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales return to Manila and this time they took the time to see a bit of Manila by riding the LRT. But this wasn’t your ordinary commute around the city. This was something historic in every way. Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. (YMPH) partnered with the Light Rail Manila Corporation (LRT) to create the Yamaha Monumento Station. It was a first for the brand who also had its own signature train that bared the designs of its latest campaign “We Are MIO”. By having their own station, Yamaha can share their riding culture with every Filipino who will see campaigns and products daily.

The MotoGP riders started their journey with a short ride from the Roosevelt station. When the train doors opened for them in the Yamaha Monument Station they saw the transformation of the facility which was now filled with Yamaha’s designs. Part of the launch ceremony was the unveiling of their very own Yamaha Star and they signed standees that bared their likeness. Throughout their short but eventful train ride they were joined by members of the media who captured and experienced the moment alongside the racing stars.

After, they set their sights on the Motorcycle Capital of the Philippines. The 10th Avenue in Caloocan is a hotbed for all things motorcycles. A haven that housed everything for riders in the country. The entire avenue which stretched out for 3 city blocks had its own pop-up festival to celebrate the arrival of the riders. Hundreds upon hundreds of fans formed a sea of enthusiasts all eager to see their idols.

Then, it was time to rev. Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales slowly ascended from under the stage to the roar of the crowd. An explosion of confetti, flashing lights, and cheers engulfed the entire avenue. The public appearance of the two riders wasn’t only massive and it was also the most intimate as well. This year, they had more opportunities to personally meet some of the Filipino fans. They answered questions from Yamaha Club members which as mixture of fun and excitement. To continue their support for the cultivation of racing in the Philippines, they awarded medals to the 12 qualifying riders for the Yamaha Grand Prix. An art contest was the opportunity for the fans to show their love for the riders on Valentines they and the top 3 designs were recognized on stage with the artists smiling alongside their heroes. They also gave away signed shirts to lucky online contestants and stayed for a while to sign helmets and other items from those in the crowd.
After a whirlwind of a time in 10th Avenue, they joined the Yamaha Dealers for the ‘Be Unstoppable’ 2018 Dealers Convention in Seda Hotel. As icons for Global Racing Excellence and the faces of the ‘Blu is Fast’ Campaign, they were living testaments for the performance that Yamaha motorcycles provide.

To cap it all off, they made sure to spend personal time with the media. They expressed how much they enjoy going to the Philippines even if it was always a short stay. And they raved about the warmth they received from Filipinos who always supported the brand and their efforts in racing across the globe.

What’s next for Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales? To focus on the MotoGP season and they bring with them the motivation that was inspired by the joy and passion of their Filipino Fans.


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