Castrol Power One TRL CUP – Davao Cup

Date: April 24, 2016
Venue: Gaisano Grand Toril



The opening race of The Racing Line’s2016 Castrol Power One TRL Cup was a huge success in Gaisano Grand Mall of Toril, Lizada, Davao City. It was participated by numerous race enthusiast here in the Mindanao region. Racers coming from Iligan City, Bukidnon City, General Santos City, Digos City, Tagum City and Davao City. Many spectators witnessed the heart pounding, breath taking racing experience we ever had.

In the 4AT Scooter 160 Novice category, Gene Sambling of Easy Riders of Gensan-VMAN came out big. He race with no time to waste as he cruised the track unchallenged. He was followed by the top racers of Malaybalay, Bukidnon namely Job Gonzales of ‘D Engine Racing and Clint Sande of RPM-Bukidnon Racing. It was an exciting race as they chased race leader Sambling and as Sambling crossed the finish line, Gonzales and Sande finished the race in 2nd and 3rd respectively. In Novice 130 UB category, Clint Sande of RPM-Bukidnon Racing overcome the relentless Sambling of Easy Riders Club of Gensan as he pound it hard and never look back. Sambling then was challenged by the diligent Chad Guzman of RPM-Bukidnon Racing as he tried to tiptoe the 2nd spot from Sambling. Gonzales earned the top spot. Sambling and Guzman finished with 2nd and 3rd.

In the 4AT Scooter 160 Intermediate Expert category, Mac Sande of Malaybalay Bukidnon, established his lead over fellow racer Jaypee Obedencio of Team Phoenix VMAN Racing and Kim Norlan Fortuna of Southside Scooter Club of Digos. They hold on to their position until in the lap 5, Obedencio made a mistake and fall-out. Fortuna of Southside Scooter Club gained momentum as he passed and currently 2nd on the race. A huge comeback of Dean John Simangan of Lost Boyz Racing as he established his 3rd spot on the race. At the end of the race, astonishing performance of Mac Sande finished with first. Fortuna with 2nd and Simangan got the 3rd spot finished.

In the Expert 130 UB category, Team Captain of Yamaha MW-323 Racing Vingie Coloma displayed an A game as he finished it 1st place with long chant from the fans. Coloma, hold his ground as he was challenged by two Team Phoenix VMAN racer Joven Millana and Anver Antonio. In Lap 10, Antonio fumble and was just followed by near by another Yamaha MW-323 racer Durraine Dan Carlos as he quickly took advantage to the mistake of Antonio. At the end of the race, Coloma and Carlos of Yamaha MW-323 racing finished with 1st and 3rd while the lone finisher of Vman Racing, Joven Millana settled with 2nd place.

In Yamaha MIO Cup Category, it was filled with p lenty of racers as Gene Sambling of Easy Riders Gensan-VMAN was making the statement as he top the race. Gene was winning his 3rd victory of the day. It’s not an easy win for Gene as he was challenged by riders from the north namely Joel Buguis of Atong sports Racing, Kevin Laurel and Tom Silfavan of Lonistar Racing, but at the final satges of the race, the two Lonistar racers remained. Laurel and Silfavan finished with 2nd and 3rd respectively.

In Yamaha Vega Forcei Cup, Ephraim Onahon of RPM-Bukidnon made felt his presence as he surge the victory of this category. Onahan was trailed by his fellow expert riders of Team Phoenix VMAN Racing Anver Antonio and Joven Millana. In lap 7, Onahon then making sure of the win as he pushed the tempo making a big gap over anyone and never look back taking on the chequerd flag, Antonio and Millana then finished in 2nd and 3rd.

In the main event of the day, the Expert category, the Vee Rubber 4AT Scooter Expert Open, Durraine Dana Carlos and Vingie Coloma of Yamaha MW-323 Racing finished with 1st and 2nd respectively. The one two punched of Yamaha  dominated the category. Carlos and Coloma, side by side protecting their lead over the lone racer of Team Phoenix VMAN Racing Ernie Daguio Jr. as he tried to catch up with the race leaders. Daguio then finished with 3rd. In the Vee Rubber Expert Open UB, Vingie Coloma wasted no time to hurdled the lead over Vman Racings Joven Millana. After lap 2, Millana stumble on the 2nd turn as he was passed by with his two teammates, Antonio and Daguio Jr., as they tried to take closer gapfrom Coloma. In lap 5, Antonio made a mistake and again passed by Ernie Daguio Jr., his teammate and Clifford Bacus of Yamaha Belt Speed Racing to catch up the race leader. Coloma made it hard and became the victor and he was followed by Daguio Jr. and Bacus as they finished it 2nd and  3rd in that order.

We would like to thank Castrol Philippines, Castrol Power1 our official lube, Yamaha Motors Philippines, our official partner motorcycle, Vee Rubber Tires, our official tires, KOSO, RK Chains and Sprocket, Inside Racing Magazine, Gaisano Grand Mall of Toril for the venue, Baranagay Council of Brgy. Lizada.

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