Castrol Power One TRL CUP Cagayan de Oro Cup & Mindanao Finals

Date:  July 3, 2016
Venue: SM City CDO Pueblo de Oro



The Racing Line’s 2016 Castrol Power One TRL Cup at Cagayan de Oro city was a blast, this is not only the CDO Cup leg, but also the Mindanao Finals as the 2016 Mindanao Rider of the year will be announced in this race.

In the CDO Exclusive club race using Yamaha Mio MXi,  it was Freshly Vincent of TeamAcasya was the top performer of the day. He also won  the Yamaha Vega Force I 115 Cup. Freshly Vincent was able to maintain his pisition from start to finish. JirehEdrote got 2nd place of Team CDO and  Kenneth Alipon got 3rd in Mio MXi Cup.  On the other hand it was It was Jude Villaluz of Team CDO got 2nd place and Kenneth Alipon of Team CDO  got 3rd in the Yamaha Vega Force i Cup.

In the Novice 4AT 160 Category, Clint SandeOf  Team  RPM indeed showed that he is ready to be in the Novice division as he started pole in the race and never looked back, he was pressured by fellow RPM Chad De Guzman but Clint Sande indeed stood his ground and defended that position very well. De Guzman finished 2ndand SamiePilludar started on 5th, surprisingly was able to get the 3rd place in this category.  In the other Novice, Underbone 130,  ClintSande of RPM, won in this category , Chad De Guzman of RPM setteled for second, and Clifford Oliverio of Dorothy Racing on 3rd place.

In the Intermidiate 4AT 160 class, Mac Sande  of RPM started pole in this race and never looked back, Sande showed determination and he got the 1st Place, followed by second placer JaypeeObedencio of V Man Racing and Clint Sande of RPM started on 4th got 3rd place.

In the Super Yamaha Vega Force Fi, Dan Carlos of RPM on pole position made sure that he will be infront from the rest on the start, but after nine laps of racing he caught himself at the back of his team mate Vingie Coloma. Coloma made a bold move and never looked back all the way to the checkered flag. JaypeeObedencio of V Man Racing got 3rd on this category.

In the Yamaha Mio Cup 125, Mac Sande of RPM started on pole was pressured by JaypeeObedencioof V Man Racing started at 4th on the grid was able to grab the 1st place after the fifth laps and never looked back. Sandesetteled for second while SamiePilludar of V Man Racingstarted on 2nd position was slide down to 3rd.

In the Expert 130 UB, Vingie Coloma of RPM started on pole was able to maintained his position  very well. Coloma didn’t looked back  as he defended his line all the way to the checkered flag. He was followed by Ephraim Onahon of Sum Racing and JovenMillana of V Man Racing who placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

In the Expert Open ,JovenMillana of V man Racing started at pole and never looked back. He was followed by Vingie Coloma of RPM placed 2nd . Roland King Ganotise who got 3rd position on Lap 1-10 butunfortunately Ganotisewas overtaken by Dan Carlos of RPM. Started on 5th on the grid, climb his way up and was able to snatch the 3rd position from Ganotise on the 11th lap of the race.

In the Expert open UB, Vingie Coloma of RPM, indeed performed  very well  in this category where he started  3rd on the grid and was able to get the 2nd position after 3rd lap and slowly eat up the lead of the riders in front of him and eventually  grab the 1st place on the 10th lap of the race.  On the other hand Dan Carlos of RPM, started on 4th surprisingly he was able to get the 1st position on 3rd lap and suddenly in the 10th lap of race pressured by Coloma  he was slide down to 2nd position. Anver Antonio of V man racing started on 6th , climb his way up and take 3rd position after third laps of the race.

“We would like to thank Castrol Philippines, our partner in racing for eight years now, they have helped us develop young riders, fulfilling their passion for racing and eventually helped them elevate to the pros” Jong Uy Said race chairman of TRL CUP. “Also would like to thank, Yamaha Motor Philippines for their support and provided us these excellent and race worthy bikes, Mio and Vega, which indeed help our first time racers experience professional racing and ofcourse, Vee Rubber tires, our tire partner this year.” He Added.

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