Racal Motor Sales Corporation Issues Apology To Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. For Intellectual Property Violation

Yamaha has received an issued public apology from Racal Motor Sales Corporation and Racal Motor Assembly for creating its MD110 and JR125 that incorporate the design elements of Yamaha’s own SNIPER and MIO SOUL motorcycles.

The Philippine Industrial Design Registrations No. 3-2005-000512 and No. 3-2006-000587 protect the whole designs of the Sniper and Mio Soul in which Yamaha exclusively owns the rights to. These rights have been violated under the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, as amended, and other applicable laws, rules, and regulations. Racal Motor Sales Corporation admits selling and distribution of the MD110 and JR125 that bear the designs of the SNIPER AND MIO SOUL respectively. Racal states that they procured parts from suppliers/manufacturers from Chino to assemble the said motorcycles.

Racal has announced and confirmed that it has ceased in the selling and distribution of their motorcycles. The company apologizes for having sold and distributed aforementioned products and will refrain from doing the same in the future.

Yamaha advises the public to pay attention to the details of their purchased motorcycles to ensure that it is a Yamaha original. All Yamaha brand motorcycles are designed and manufactured according to strict safety standards and quality. Parts and components of each product are sourced from Yamaha business partners and subsidiaries that follow Yamaha’s original and strict standards. To protect products from any and all infringement, the company applies for intellectual property related rights and takes actions on multiple fronts to counter companies that manufacture, sell or distribute counterfeits of company products.


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