Looking at the Most Iconic Motorcycle Helmets of All Time. To a motorcyclist, a…

Looking at the Most Iconic Motorcycle Helmets of All Time.

To a motorcyclist, a motorcycle helmet is an indispensable piece of protective equipment. It protects your head from damage, protects your face from the elements, and helps to keep your concentration fixed on the road. For some motorcyclists, their choice of helmet is even more important than their choice of motorcycle!
The first motorcycle helmet was crafted in 1914. A medical officer by the name of Dr. Eric Gardner noted the nature of injuries sustained by riders at the Brooklands racing circuit in the United Kingdom. An unusually high number of crash victims suffered head injuries and trauma. As a result, Dr. Gardner teamed up with his associate, Mr. Moss, to create a suitable protective helmet.
This early creation was formed using canvas and shellac. It was a basic helmet that could withstand impact and prevent further head trauma in some cases. It was first showcased to the British Auto-Cycle Union in 1914 and received a warm reception. But the humble helmet had a long way to go until it became a widely used and accepted piece of motorcycle gear.
Over the years motorcycle helmets have evolved from these rudimentary helms to expertly engineered protectives, and along the way, a few notable helmets have stopped the press and made people pay attention. Here’s a quick look at some of the most iconic motorcycle helmets of all time.


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