Honda Ride Red concluded the 2019 Race Season with a blast. And the Honda XRM 12…

Honda Ride Red concluded the 2019 Race Season with a blast. And the Honda XRM 125 FI is Indeed Ready for the Extreme

The Honda Ride Red 2019 Racing Season concluded its 2019 Visayas Mindanao series with a blast last Saturday at Carcar City, it was part of the Carcar Fiesta activities with more than 100 entries, coming from the different cities in the country.
Honda Ride Red ready for the extreme highlighting its main weapon the Honda XRM 125 PGM FI making it the most versatile dual sports off road on road motorcycle in the country today.

The Honda XRM 125 with PGMI FI Technology indeed showcased its versatility in the Honda Ride Red 2019 Visayas Mindanao race season as it conquered the rugged terrains of Tagbilaran Race track during the first leg of the series, with its high speed dirt and series of hoops and jumps the Honda XRM 125 Indeed proved to be superior in this tough condition.
Followed by the race in Dumaguete City, the motorcycle capital of the Philippines with more than 120 entries proved that the old motocross track in Dumaguete was just another challenge accepted and completed with flying colors for the Honda XRM 125 with PGM FI, conquering bumps and jumps of the track.

Another Challenge for the Honda XRM 125 FI as the series goes to Davao city, the race track features a new kind of terrain with grass muddy portion makes the race indeed more challenging for the riders as it displays mid downhill and uphill with minor jumps but indeed a high speed track. Might be challenging to most riders but indeed a walk in the park for the Honda XRM 125 bikes as it conquered a new style of terrain further increasing its duality and versatility.

The Series for the first time hold its last race in Mindanao, in Tagum City, another huge challenge for the riders as the track simply features a flat off road track with series of hairpin turns and high speed fast corner turns and to top it all it has the longest main straight of the series, this indeed showcased the power of the Honda XRM 125 FI and proved that the PGM FI Technology of Honda is indeed superior in high speed off road tracks, plus it showcased its superior handling in the corners as it manifest its superior handling capabilities on the fast corner curves coming from a high stretch, riders indeed were able to feel the easy maneuver of the bikes on such terrain condition.

And now to top it all, for the first time in the series, Honda Ride Red goes to Carcar Cebu that features a different kind of terrain like no other, the soft off-road soil indeed makes it challenging to the riders and the uphill steep climb on the second corner of the track makes even more difficult for the first timers and the sweeping downhill towards the table top finish was indeed more challenging, but not for the Honda XRM 125, it conquered the steep uphill climb with ease and power, maneuvering thru soft off-road terrain was indeed a breeze, superb handling capabilities in the steep downhill and to the table top finish to top it all.

Overall, the Honda XRM 125 FI has totally conquered a new set of terrain this year though its Honda Ride Red Series, and further proved to be the most versatile off road and on road dual sports bike in the market today, thanks to its PGM FI technology it is also one of the most powerful fuel injected 125 in the market.

Versatility, Handling, Speed and Power, No wonder, it’s called the Extreme and definitely it is ready for all types of terrain and conditions.

Congratulations Honda Philippines for another successful Honda Ride Red 2019 race series.


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