REV TO THE FINISH LINE – Yamaha Grand Prix 7 Finals


CARMONA CIRCUIT RACETRACK, PHILIPPINES, SEPTEMBER 18, 2016 — it all started with the presence of a MotoGP Champion who kicked off another historic season. Now Yamaha has returned to where it all began after searching for riders across the archipelago. Qualified racers from Malaybalay, Bukidnon and Cebu City made their way to Luzon for the last battle.

Only 29 riders remained to vie for the right to be named Champion and represent Yamaha Philippines once again. But that wasn’t the only thing at stake; the winners will have an all expense paid trip to Malaysia to watch the MotoGP and a special training camp that will be held in Japan. With the stakes raised to that kind of level it was obvious that the competition will reach a high level of ferocity.

The voice of the Yamaha Grand Prix, Rico Robles, got the crowd going as he introduced the riders from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. To add more fuel to the fire, the wowowin dancers gave a scintillating performance that entertained everyone in the venue. Sales and Marketing Director, Mr. Kaoru Ogura, officially declared the race open and it was time to find out who was the best of them all.

The YZF-R15 competition was a fiery feud between teammates. Masato Fernando, James Aldrin Mendez, and John Emerson Inguito may all race under one name but on the track it was a free for all towards the finish line. Through every corner it was a hot pursuit and the owner of the top spot changed every lap. In the end only one could be named on top.

YGP 2016 Finalist Overall Winners
Overall Champion Masato Fernando
Overall 1st Runner Up James Aldrin Mendez
Overall 2nd Runner Up John Emerson Inguito

The Sniper 150 Mxi featured the return of Vingie Coloma to battle against Inguito and Durraine Dan Carlos. It was an intriguing matchup that brought back images of competitions that have come before and it became another instant classic.

Sniper 150 Mxi
Overall Champion John Emerson Inguito
Overall 1st Runner Up Durraine Dan Carlos
Overall 2nd Runner Up Vingie Coloma
The Vega Force i was a joust among truly skilled riders. The first Fuel Injected underbone motorcycle in the country did not fail to s       queeze out every bit of potential that the competitors had. The top 3 were:

Vega Force i
Overall Champion Mckinley Kyle Paz
Overall 1st Runner Up Gian Carlo Mauricio
Overall 2nd Runner Up John Paul Lapante

There were also additional categories that had the same level of intensity that only complemented an already exciting day of racing.

YGP Finals Added Category Winners
130 Open UB
Overall Champion R-Mand Salandanan
Overall 1st Runner Up James Amporias
Overall 2nd Runner Up Bienvenido Uy
160 Open UB
Overall Champion Casey Ng
Overall 1st Runner Up Dustin Esguerra
Overall 2nd Runner Up Mico Montano
Mio 125 Mxi
Overall Champion Leandro Paredes
Overall 1st Runner Up Mark Djerreck Ondillo
Overall 2nd Runner Up Jacob Sablaya
Fun Race UB
Overall Champion Angelo Portal
Overall 1st Runner Up Nicx Ramirez
Overall 2nd Runner Up Paulo Bayan
Fun Race AT
Overall Champion Zedric Poblete
Overall 1st Runner Up Raymond Doroteo
Overall 2nd Runner Up Juan Miguel Kaibigan

With another season of the Yamaha Grand Prix done the growth of local riders is stealing the scene with newer faces competing this season and the ages are definitely getting younger. Yamaha will continue to find passion in every corner of the country to make sure that any rider that continues to believe, to dream, and to pursue their racing goal will get their chance.

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